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Silestone is a man made product. It is made of quartz bonded together with a relatively small amount of resin.  Quartz is one of the hardest natural materials on the planet. A few very expensive gemstones are harder, diamond for example, but that just means that quartz is the hardest material for practical use as a building material. After being …

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We have used marble for thousands of years. Both as a building material and for works of art, even down to today. It’s no wonder that marble is considered the “elegant” stone. While it’s true that marble is not as hard as some of the other stones, and it can be more porous, we don’t all have to be Praxiteles …

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Granite is made by nature over the course of geological eons. This is what gives it the endless variety that it has. Even though we have names for a great number of varieties that look similar, look again. No two granite countertops are ever exactly the same. Every one of them is unique. Did you know that granite is the …

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