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Engineered or Man Made Stone

There is no doubt that man made stone has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. There are a munber of reasons for this. For one thing, man made stone can be made harder than natural stone making it stronger and more durable. This is because of a higher percentage of quartz. Quartz is what also gives granite it’s …

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Care and Maintenance for Stone

Granite Clean For everyday cleaning, use mild soap. No acids or abrasives. Better yet, use a cleaner specially formulated for granite Remember to clean spills right away. Granite may sometimes absorb food and can stain. Usually if it has gone past the time for resealing. There are products on the market that can reabsorb most stains. That includes food, oil, …

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Soapstone is born, deep in the earth, where one tectonic plate slides under another. There the rock is subject to heat and pressure in the presence of fluids. This causes chemical change to occur but – oddly enough – without melting. It changes but it changes in subtle ways. Even though it is soft, for stone anyway, it is non-porous …

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Santa Margherita

Santa Margherita is an man made – or engineered – stone product. This one however is made in Verona Italy and comes with a built in Italian flair for design. What sets it apart is the combination of materials and the creative ways they are blended together. Not only can you get a base material of quartz but, if you …

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Glassos is a man made product. The name is actually a play on the word Thassos which is a type of marble that was highly prized by the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. This was the marble of choice for sculpture, for decorating public and private buildings and for monuments. As a matter of fact, it is used in much …

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Many people admire CaesarStone for the modern, clean, contemporary look found in many of it’s styles. But, did you know that it actually has a wide variety of styles to choose from? Not just the patterns and colors but also the surfaces, the edges and the slabs themselves offer a look for just about any taste. Whether you like classic, …

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Silestone is a man made product. It is made of quartz bonded together with a relatively small amount of resin.  Quartz is one of the hardest natural materials on the planet. A few very expensive gemstones are harder, diamond for example, but that just means that quartz is the hardest material for practical use as a building material. After being …

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We have used marble for thousands of years. Both as a building material and for works of art, even down to today. It’s no wonder that marble is considered the “elegant” stone. While it’s true that marble is not as hard as some of the other stones, and it can be more porous, we don’t all have to be Praxiteles …

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Granite is made by nature over the course of geological eons. This is what gives it the endless variety that it has. Even though we have names for a great number of varieties that look similar, look again. No two granite countertops are ever exactly the same. Every one of them is unique. Did you know that granite is the …

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