Many people admire CaesarStone for the modern, clean, contemporary look found in many of it’s
styles. But, did you know that it actually has a wide variety of styles to choose from? Not just the patterns and colors but also the surfaces, the edges and the slabs themselves offer a look for just about any taste. Whether you like classic, modern or ultra modern.

CaesarStone is a man made product made primarily from quartz and resin. As with other man made product this means the surface is extremely tough and durable. It never needs sealing and cleans easily with water or a mild detergent. Although nothing is indestructible, CaesarStone stands up very well to the usual wear and tear found in the kitchen. It keeps looking fabulous year in and year out. In fact, it comes with a lifetime warranty to the original residential purchaser.

CaesarStone also comes with built in anti-bacterial advantages. As a matter of fact it’s even GREENGUARD certified. And it has also been endorsed by the National Health and Safety Foundation for installation in hospitals, restaurants, hotels etc. If the anti-bacteria properties can stand up to hospitals and restaurants then you can be confident it is a safe surface for your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in your home. Indoors or outdoors.

CaesarStone is available in more than one thickness, something that can add an extra dimension to any design. It also has three different surface choices. Polished, honed and textured. Of course, it can be made with a variety of edges as well.

So be sure to check out CaesarStone. It might be just what you are looking for.

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