Engineered or Man Made Stone

There is no doubt that man made stone has seen a surge in popularity in recent
years. There are a munber of reasons for this. For one thing, man made stone
can be made harder than natural stone making it stronger and more durable.
This is because of a higher percentage of quartz. Quartz is what also gives granite
it’s strength by the way. These products are also less permeable than natural
stone. There is greater stain resistance and they don’t need to be sealed. Not
only that but some are even NSF certified as a food preparation surface.

The second reason is what has been called “the Italian flair for design.”
This does not mean that all the designs come from Italy (although a number do).
But more and more, these products are winning prestigious international awards
for design. The design and look of these man made products has really come of age.

Then there is the overall consistency of man made stone. This does not mean simply
pattern repetition. You might say that it has a greater pattern consistancy. This
means that some problems, like matching slabs for example, are problems no longer.
Also, fissures are eliminated. Although fissures are not cracks they do bother
some people. Fissure is stone industry jargon for an intercrystalline boundary.
One you can see. What it means to a geologist is not what it means to the
countertop industry.

Man made stone now comes in a wider variety of colors and patterns than it used to.
In fact, these days you can even get exotic looks. There are even a variety of
surface textures and, of course, the full variety of edges. No doubt the man made,
engineered surfaces have come a long way. These days they go beyond the practical
Which they have always been. Today, they are becoming eye catching as well.

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