Glassos is a man made product. The name is actually a play on the word Thassos which is a type of marble that was highly prized by the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. This was the marble of choice for sculpture, for decorating public and private buildings and for monuments. As a matter of fact, it is used in much the same way even today. In appearance, Thassos is a pure white marble with an unmistakable brightness.

While Glassos may look the same, in fact it is a much harder and more durable material than marble. What sets Glassos apart is the fact that it is resin free. The manufacturing process is similar to what nature uses to make stone down inside the bowls of the earth. The result is something with the look of fine marble but that is harder than granite. Simply put, the raw material is heated to blast furnace temperatures until it becomes a molten liquid. Then it is poured into molds, allowed to cool and then polished. The process doesn’t need resin as a bonding agent. And this means it will not scorch or burn.

Did you know there are actually two types of Glassos? One of them is made from crystallized glass. The other is made from “ultrafine Nano quartz powder.” Both products are made at blast furnace temperatures and don’t use resin as a bonding agent. There is nothing in them to scorch or burn. It also means the surfaces are extremely non-porous. Like other man made surfaces they never need to be sealed. And because the material is so hard and dense it means cleanup is a cinch. It is very resistant to acids and stains. It even stands up well to UV rays from the sun.

Because of it’s beauty, strength and durability Glassos can be used in much the same way that Thassos marble has traditionally been used. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Even if marble columns and exterior wall panels are a little over the top these days – if you don’t happen to have a commercial building – it’s nice to know it’s tough enough to be used that way. More likely, it will be used for vanities and countertops where it can add a real flair to a room. It’s also great for flooring and looks fantastic around windows and doors.

Even though Glassos fills much the same role as Thassos with centuries of tradition behind it, in many ways Glassos is the “new kid on the block.” But watch out, this new kid is a real up and comer!

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