We have used marble for thousands of years. Both as a building material and for works of art,
even down to today. It’s no wonder that marble is considered the “elegant” stone. While it’s
true that marble is not as hard as some of the other stones, and it can be more porous, we don’t
all have to be Praxiteles to find a use for it.

Marble is still stone, after all. And marble was created in the earth’s pressure cooker under
intense pressure and heat. The results of all that mixing and churning over long periods of time
is what gives marble its unique appeal. Although “pure” marble is white, the so called impurities –
actually just other minerals mixed in – gives it tremendous interest when used to add elegance to
a room. The luster and the patterns give it an eye-popping wow factor that can’t be imitated.

Marble can be used for countertops and some people find it the perfect solution. While we will
cover stone care in more detail in a later post, one thing to remember is that marble does
not like acids. Vineger, citrus juice and wine should be cleaned up right away.

But there are other uses for marble to consider. Marble tile can add the perfect accent to a wall.
Marble can be used with great success on a bathroom vanity and it is hard to beat around a fireplace. Marble flooring tiles have been used for many years and will always get a second look. Just remember to use a sealer.

A touch of marble really is a touch of elegance.

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