Granite is made by nature over the course of geological eons. This is what gives it
the endless variety that it has. Even though we have names for a great number of
varieties that look similar, look again. No two granite countertops are ever exactly
the same. Every one of them is unique.

Did you know that granite is the base rock of the continents? While some granite may exist
under the ocean the vast majority of granite on the planet is found on dry land. And no
wonder. Granite starts out in the earth’s furnace. It slowly rises over time and this is
what’s behind the secret to it’s appeal. Huge volumes of what becomes granite slowly rise
and more importantly, slowly cools. This slow cooling is what allows the large mineral grains to form. And the large mineral grains are what gives granite it’s strength, durability and the unique visual appeal that it has. When you have granite you have something durable enough to support the continents and something that is always unique.

Did we say durable? Well, how about Mount Rushmore? The monument was actually left unfinished.
It was planned that way. Over the next 100,000 years erosion will finish the monument. The
artist, Gutzon Borglum, was well aware of the “staying power” of granite. It has another
kind of staying power as well. People have used granite for thousands of years. It is truly
a timeless part of our heritage.

No one knows just when we discovered the unique beauty and appeal of granite when
polished. That is something that is lost somewhere in the depths of time. But it was a
discovery that changed the way we live. Kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, floors,
tiles, major buildings, you name it. All of them benefit from the unique and timeless allure
that comes from the stamp of granite.

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